Our Motto

Seek , Learn & Serve

The Department of Medicine is committed to three equally valued and interrelated missions: delivering quality patient care, educating students in accordance with highest professional standards, and generating knowledge from research that will alleviate human suffering through the prevention and treatment of disease.
This is a busy department which handles Outdoor, Indoor and Emergency Room. In addition, training is imparted to undergraduate,postgraduate and paramedical students by Professors, Assistant professors consultants specializing in different aspects like Cardiology, Neurology and Pulmonology etc. Fully equipped with ventilators with central oxygen supply , cardiac monitors,spirometers, Nebulizers, ECG machine and experienced physicians the department is able to make early and quick diagnosis in many cases to affect an early recovery and save many lives.
The department manages a variety of chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, renal failures, neurological complication, arrythmias, dyselectrolytemia, septicaemia etc. special clinics like Diabetes Clinic, Hypertension Clinics, etc. are also in place where all facilities are provided under single windows.
Patients requiring urgent attention and intensive care are treated in Medical ICU, ICCU etc.

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